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BBQ Equipment

Buy the best gas grill you can afford! In doing so, it will probably last a lifetime with just a little maintenance. Choose a grill with stainless steel burners and cast iron grates. Choose a grill with at least 2 burners, but a grill with 3 or 4 burners is best. A side burner is helpful too. Equip your grill with 2 “smoker boxes”, preferably made of cast iron. A cast iron “griddle” and “skillet” add not only functionality and versatility, but also convenience. If you’re going to cook outdoors, cook everything outdoors. If you have a side-burner; a wok is great for not only stir-fry, but for steaming too. A thick sandstone “pizza stone” is perfect for pizzas, cakes and breads. Most importantly, keep an extra tank of fuel on hand.


It is not necessary to clean your grill after cooking! In fact, the grease and particles of cooked food help to protect your grill. Just let it cool down and cover it until the next time you use it. Since it is necessary to “preheat” your grill before use, simply cover the grates with a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil and preheat the grill, on high, for 15 minutes or so. Then remove the foil and brush away the “white ash” and now your ready to cook again on a clean grill. If you used your cast iron griddle or fry pan; to clean, simply pour plain tap water onto them while hot. Before covering the grill and after it has cooled down, brush your pans with a non-detergent brush; then spray or wipe them with a little cooking oil and cleanup is finished! The same goes for the wok.

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