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Here are some helpful eating tips:

    NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST! Harvard researchers found that men who ate breakfast everyday were 44% less likely to be overweight. Enough said!
  • Increased metabolism promotes body fat burning. Keep the fire burning by eating often!
  • Have a sandwich for lunch. Just don’t eat the bread. I make “roll-ups” of just the meat and cheese and dip it into mustard or ranch dressing. Lean ham or beef are my favorites. If you must have bread, make it open faced. Or better yet, make it crispbread.
  • Snack on fresh fruits and veggies. These foods breakdown more slowly allowing a more gradual dose of sugar. I cannot pass a farm stand without stopping. I love dipping celery sticks into cream cheese or nacho cheese. Broccoli and cauliflower are great raw; dip them into ranch dressing.
  • Top a salad with tuna or chicken breast. I carry at least 6 cans of each with me at all times. I also make a tuna salad, great on Wasa™ crispbreads.
  • It is believed that capsaicin (that stuff in hot peppers that makes them hot) speeds metabolism to help burn calories and the effect can last up to 5 hours. Use spicy salsa for dipping veggies or “chicharrones”. “Chicharrones” are rendered pork skins. They are a relatively low-fat and low-carb alternative to the potato chip.
  • Can the soda!!! Eliminating just one can of soda per day will drop a pound of fat per month! How many cans do you drink? I carry 2 half-gallon insulated mugs along with 1 half-gallon non-insulated jug. The insulated jugs I fill of the way with ice every morning. The non-insulated jug I fill with water then add 1 tub of Arizona™ sugar-free ice tea drink mix. Now pour half of the mix into each container of ice; it’s a perfect fit and this is the amount of liquid I need to drink every day. If it tastes good, you’ll drink it!
  • Think of fruit juices and sweetened tea as soda. In the case of juice; yes, it may have some nutrients. However, your much better off getting your nutrients from a multivitamin and not sugar water!
  • Losing just 2% of your body’s water can reduce energy levels by as much as 20%. Drink a glass of water before eating. Your body absolutely needs 8 glasses (8 ounce) of water every day. Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Besides, the water will help make you feel fuller when you do eat allowing you to eat less.
  • How often have you looked at a “Nutrition Label” of a snack food and thought, “per serving that’s not so bad”? Fact is, once you start to eat you will probably eat a lot more than one serving. “That is so bad”! The label should also tell you how many servings are in the bag, box, or can, re-bag into individual servings.
  • Park as far away from food (restaurant or convenience store) as possible. You will be less inclined to make frequent trips to eat and the exercise (walking) will do you some good. Add ankle weights!
  • Forget the “fried foods”! Two fried chicken legs have twice the calories and fat as a grilled pound cheeseburger.
  • Cook for yourself. Use as many fresh ingredients as possible when possible. Use a nonstick fry pan. My fry pan costs more than the stove, but nothing sticks to it so I never use oil.
  • Eat slowly. It normally takes about 20 minutes to become full. It takes overeaters much longer to feel full when eating. If you eat slowly, not only will you enjoy what you eat, you also won’t be able to eat as much before becoming full.
  • Eating a fiber supplement 15 minutes before a meal slows the digestion of highly processed starches or sugars reducing the risk of glucose spikes. I actually snack on Kashi Go Lean ™ cereal; but I suppose you could also take a capsule of Metamucil™.

“Healthy Eating” is also knowing what not to eat. There are 2 things I absolutely will NOT EAT:

      1. Trans fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils) – mutated forms of fat that are believed to increase LDL (bad) cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. Recent studies are are implicating Trans Fats in causing diabetes and muscle loss.

      2. HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) – this “stuff” when metabolized in the body is more easily converted to fat. It also is believed to contribute to heart disease because of its ability to raise triglycerides.

Many, if not most, processed foods contain one or both of these “killer” ingredients. When the “process” of “processing” food is to make it “cheaper” to maximize profits and taste “fresher” even when it is not “fresh”; these ingredients are used. I avoid these 2 ingredients as if they could kill me instantly. However to be fair, it might take a bit longer than an “instant”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am forced to eat some processed foods. However, I don’t eat processed foods that contain one or both of these ingredients! Learn to read food labels!

What about diet pills, stimulants and supplements? Frankly it is more important what you do not put into your mouth than what you put into it! Forget about diet pills and stimulants, most do NOT work. However, supplements can be helpful. I take a multivitamin, glucosamine and whey protein supplement. The whey protein supplement is simply a lean source of protein and is quite versatile. It can be added to smoothies, hot cereals and baked goods. Protein is necessary for your body to build muscle, and building more muscle increases your ability to burn fat.

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